Materials Characterization

Company Announcements

Setaram agreed to distribute HEL’s range of adiabatic calorimeters.

Anton Paar GmbH opened an Indian subsidiary in Delhi, in January and a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo in February, bringing its total number of subsidiaries to 12. The company posted sales of €108 million ($148 million) in 2007 and its rheometry orders rose 14% in 2008.

In February, Anton Paar announced three new distributors: Siagon Instrumentation for Vietnam, Alpha Analytical for Malaysia and Alpha Analytical for Singapore.

Malvern Instruments announced a collaboration with the Center for Ceramic Research at Rutgers State University of New Jersey to explore the links between rheology and particle characteristics.

NETZSCH acquired TIAX’s Accelerating Rate Calorimeters and Automatic Pressure Tracking Adiabatic Calorimeters, which were merged with the company’s Thermal Analysis business in late 2008.

Horiba formalized its long-standing relationship with Microfluidics, which includes shared marketing efforts, shared booth exhibits, joint advertising and lead generation, and joint R&D expertise and facilities.

Thermo Fisher Scientific signed an agreement with TTL Technologies to distribute its Thermo Scientific rheometers and viscometers in India effective January 1.

In February, MTS Systems announced a reduction in workforce of 150 positions, about 6% of its employee base, due to current market and economic conditions.

Instron announced in February the acquisition of CEAST from the Grosso family. CEAST is a supplier of rheology, impact and thermal testing instruments with a primary focus on the plastics industry. CEAST will maintain its own brand and continue to operate in Italy.

Product Introductions

HEL introduced the compact Phi-TEC 1 computer-controlled adiabatic reaction calorimeter for the determination of information such as exotherm “onset” temperature, global reaction kinetics, and time to maximum rate.

HEL introduced the new Subsieve AutoSizer based on particle sizing by air permeability for particle sizes in the range of 0.2–75 µm.

ATS RheoSystems launched the MERLIN rotational viscometer with built-in Peltier temperature control.

Bellingham + Stanley introduced the RFM900 Series of refractometers, which replaces the RFM800 Series, featuring a low-profile sample dish and noncontact pressure.

Qualitest introduced the CR-6000 Series of high pressure capillary rheometers, which are designed to determine the flow behavior and viscosity of high polymers, polymers, thermoplastics and elastomers.

Clemex Technologies launched the Clemex CMT.HD.MicroHardness Testers, which are used primarily to determine the case depth in heat treated metals.

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