Materials Characterization

Company Announcements

In December 2018, nanoparticle analyzer firm Spectradyne announced a partnership with Particle Technology Labs to provide analytical measurement services using its nCS1 instrument.

Halo Labs, developer of the Horizon subvisible particle analysis instrument, closed a $5.6 million Series B financing round in December 2018, led by Research Corporation Technologies.

In January, Buehler, an Illinois Tool Works company and hardness tester manufacturer, named Julien Noel as vice president and general manager of the Buehler Worldwide Division. He most recently served as Americas commercial director in addition to global director of Strategy and Innovation.

Product Introductions

In January, TA Instruments, a Waters company, introduced the High Sensitivity Pressure Cell for the ARESG2 Rheometer. The accessory enables scientists to perform sensitive viscoelastic measurements under controlled atmospheric pressure and temperature and for the first time, gain detailed understanding of complex fluid behavior in complex environments.

Spheryx launched in January the xSight particle characterization instrument, based on Total Holographic Characterization, capable of detecting, counting and characterizing sub-visible particles in complex heterogeneous mixtures. New features include multi-color laser sources and temperature control as well as custom disposable eight-channel microfluidic sample chips.

In January, Buehler debuted the UH4000 Series universal hardness tester, which is available in two models, the UH4250 Hardness Scale 0.5–250 kgf and the UH4750 Hardness Scale 3–750 kgf. Features include a new eight-position turret.

In February, Koehler Instrument introduced the new K77000 Automated Pour Point Analyzer for measuring pour point by the Automatic Tilt Method ASTM D5950. It covers a wide temperature range and can reach temperatures down to -105°C.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments released in February the LabSolutions TA Software for thermal analyzers. Network compatible, the software features a new design and enhanced functions, including automatic manipulation and automatic analysis functions in template format.

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