Materials Characterization

Company Announcements

Zwick Roell named Instrumatic A/S as a sales partner for Denmark.

NanoSight opened an office in the Western Region of the US in August.

Malvern Instruments and Aimil, the company’s distribution partner in India, formed a joint venture in May.

In October, MTS Systems elected President and CEO Laura B. Hamilton chair of the Board, replacing Sidney W. Emery, Jr. MTS also elected Joseph O’Donnell, CEO of Inmar, to the Board.

Product Introductions

Micromeritics introduced the Particle Insight size and shape analyzer under its Particulate Systems OEM brand.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the SER (sentmanat extension rheometer) system that extends a conventional steady rotational rheometer into an extension rheometer for melts and semisolids. The SER system is built by Xpansion Instruments.

In September, Thermo Fisher Scientific released Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin 4 software for its viscometers and rheometers, featuring new measuring and evaluation functions.

MicroCal, which was acquired by GE Healthcare in September (see IBO 9/30/08), released the Auto-ITC200 microcalorimeter, which can run up to 75 samples per day.

Imatek launched the R6000 twin-bore capillary rheometer for obtaining both shear and extensional properties.

Syrris introduced the low-cost Atlas Calorimetry System for heat-flow calorimetry and power-compensatory calorimetry measurement.

ADMET launched the low-force, benchtop DForce Dynamic Tester, a universal testing machine for fatigue testing of materials and structures.

ADMET released the MTESTQuattro materials testing system for its Micro EP line of palm-sized universal testing machines, enabling microscope image data.

Malvern Instruments introduced the Kinexus rotational rheometer platform, featuring two models: the Kinexus pro for routine and research applications, and the Kinexus ultra for the demanding low-torque applications.

In September, Malvern Instruments launched the Zetasizer APS, a dynamic light-scattering system for measuring samples in 96- or 384-well microplates.

Malvern Instruments released the Zetasizer µV, a light-scattering system for the characterization of biomolecules that requires only 2 mL of sample.

CEAST introduced the Smart RHEO 4000, the third in its series of Smart RHEO benchtop capillary rheometers.

Brookhaven Instruments launched the BioDLS dynamic light-scattering microplate particle sizer, featuring a measuring cell with independent temperature control.

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