Materials Characterization: Product Introductions

Fluid Imaging Technologies introduced the new FlowCAM particle analysis instrument, featuring 23 measurement parameters.

PAC introduced the OptiDist distillation analyzer.

Instron released the Dynatup 9250 impact tester, which is especially suited for finished-product applications.

Instron’s Wilson Instruments launched the Minuteman ELT Automation Series for Tukon microindentation, Knoop, Vickers and Rockwell hardness testing.

ATS RheoSystems released the NOVA rheometer, featuring nanotorque and nanostrain control and analysis.

Micrometrics launched the ASAP 2420 Micropore Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System, featuring a programmable and fully automated sample preparation module with 12 independently operated ports.

Stanhope-Seta introduced the AvCount portable, laser-based particle counter for Jet A1 aviation fuel.

ATAGO launched a multiwavelength Abbe refractometer for wavelengths of 450–1,550 nm.

Norcross introduced the $6,995 LabPak viscometer.

Food Technology Corporation introduced the affordable TMS-Pro food texture measurement system.

Viscotek released the Automated Relative Viscometer System, featuring the Vortex Integrated Autosampler/Autopreparation Module.

Anton Paar GmbH introduced the High Throughput Rheometer, a fully automated, robotically operated version of its MCR 301 rheometer.

PerkinElmer launched the Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer 6000.

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