Company Announcements

Under a research agreement, NuGEN Technologies will develop a Roche NimbleGen array application for small, degraded and compromised samples for use with its WT-Ovation technology.

Biogemma will use Roche NimbleGen’s Sequence Capture technology to develop new technologies for large-scale genomic marker discovery in plants.

Febit announced a strategic collaboration with In-Q-Tel for the detection of pathogens.

Febit appointed Heinz Blunier COO in January. He was previously head of Engineering at Inventa.

In December 2008, antibody array firm RayBiotech named SeraCare Life Sciences as a sales agent.

In January, ServiceXS completed Ilumina CSPro certification for Infinium Genotyping.

Product Introductions

BioReliance introduced the ReliArray protein array platform, which can simultaneously screen for four non-human pathogens in animal serum.

Affymetrix launched the cost-effective DMET (Drug Metabolism Enzymes and Transporters) Plus Premier Pack for standardizing drug metabolism studies.

SciGene released the ArrayPrep Target Preparation System for automated robotic liquid handling and incubation of DNA/RNA amplification and labeling.

Invitrogen introduced the Ncode Human and Mouse noncoding RNA microarrays, a high-density microarray for the profiling of noncoding RNAs. Designed by Invitrogen, the arrays are manufactured by Agilent.

Illumina launched the Infinium High-Density HumanCytoSNP-12 DNA Analysis BeadChip for cytogenetics. It contains nearly 300,000 genetic markers per sample and is priced as low as $125 per sample. Illumina also released KaryoStudio, a dedicated cytogenetic software.

Illumina released the Infinium HD Human660W-Quad BeadChip for analysis of copy number variation, featuring 2.6 million genetic markers.

Illumina launched the 12-sample Ovine SNP50 and PorcineSNP60 BeadChips, the first products for the Infinium HD iSelect Custom Genotyping solution.

Roche NimbleGen launched the CGH 12x135K array for the simultaneous analysis of 12 independent sample pairs on a single microarray slide.

ExonHit Therapeutics SA introduced a new SpliceArray for studying mouse models of human diseases.

Ariadne’s Pathway Studio was integrated with Illumina’s iScan and BeadArray Reader platforms.

In January, Agilent released the eArray 5.4 online design tool for custom miRNA microarray design.

Oxford Gene Technology introduced a genomic DNA labeling kit optimized for its CytoSure family of oligonucleotide microarrays.

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