Company Announcements

Affymetrix extended its Collaborations in Cancer Research Program to North America, forming alliances with 15 cancer researchers.

Affymetrix named AltheaDx as an authorized service provider.

Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborated with protein microarray firm Gentel Biosciences to shift microarrays to a new 96-well configuration and ELISA-like format. Thermo sells the product under the SmartPlex brand name.

Gentel Biosciences licensed Eppendorf AG’s Silverquant colorimetric detection technology for use in protein detection assays.

FUJIFILM Dimatix is supplying Agilent with its Dimatix Materials Cartridge, featuring its inkjet technology, for life science applications.

Agilent extended its agreement with Agendia, maker of the MammaPrint molecular diagnostic chip, through 2011. The agreement includes codevelopment of new diagnostic tests.

Agilent signed an long-term supply agreement with Signature Genomic in May to supply custom microarrays for Signature’s diagnostic SignatureChip.

Oxford Gene Technology joined the EuroSyStem Consortium.

Roche NimbleGen formed a strategic alliance with BioDiscovery to comarket their respective comparative genomic hybridization microarrays and Nexus Copy Number software.

ExonHit Therapeutics named Loïc Maurel, MD, former president and CEO of Debiovision, as CEO in July.

Product Introductions

Illumina launched the iScan System, its next-generation scanner, which improves sample throughput sixfold, in the second quarter

Illumina introduced the HumanHT-12 BeadChip, a 12-sample product for whole genome expression and expression-based quantitative trait loci studies. It is priced at $75 for a total cost of $100 per sample including labeling reagents.

Ocimum Biosolutions released Genowiz 4.0 for gene expression analysis.

ExonHit Therapeutics SA introduced the Rat Genome SpliceArray in May.

Genewave SAS introduced the HybLive microarray platform, which combines hybridization, washing, melting and real-time fluorescence imaging.

Agilent released a CGH microarray for the chicken genome.

Oxford Gene Technology launched a miRNA profiling service, offering customizable microarrays.

Rosetta Biosoftware released Rosetta Syllego 2.0 for genetic studies.

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