Company Announcements

Affymetrix promoted James Gibson, vice president of accounting and corporate controller, to principal accounting officer in December 2006.

In January, Illumina signed a collaborative agreement with the Mayo Clinic to codevelop molecular diagnostic tests for the study of complex diseases.

Partek’s Genomics Suite achieved GeneChip-compatible status for analysis of SNP association studies using Affymetrix’s Mapping Array system.

BioDiscovery joined Microsoft’s BioIT alliance.

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) entered into a collaborative agreement with Agilent, giving OGT access to Agilent’s microarray platform, confirming OGT as an Agilent certified service provider and appointing Agilent as an OEM supplier for OGT-designed microarrays.

Affymetrix entered into a three-year translational medicine agreement with Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Vanderbilt will use the Affymetrix Human Mitochondrial Resequencing Array 2.0 as part of its HIV/AIDS translational research.

Following the acquisition of Solexa by Illumina (see IBO 11/15/06), Solexa Board members Blaine Bowman and Roy Whitfield joined Illumina’s Board.

In February, Asuragen became the first certified service provider for Illumina gene expression profiling.

Illumina named deCODE genetics a certified service provider for Infinium genotyping.

SCHOTT Nexterion entered into a second license agreement with Accelr8 Technology for Accelr8’s OptiChem coatings.

PREMIER Biosoft and PamGene International BV will develop software for designing custom multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) oligonucleotide probes for use with PamChip microarrays.

Product Introductions

Jivan Biologics released SpliceFold software for the analysis of alternative splicing from microarray data.

Vidar Systems introduced the low-cost Revolution 4200 microarray scanner.

ExonHit Therapeutics SA launched the Human GW SpliceArray, available through its genomic services.

In February, Affymetrix released the single-chip SNP Array 5.0.

PREMIER Biosoft released TMA Foresight statistical software for tissue microarray data analysis.

BioFluidix launched the TopSpot E-Vision for printing microarrays.

Sales/Orders of Note

Affymetrix granted Tessarae access to its technology to develop and market epidemiological research tests for public health and biodefense surveillance.

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