Microarrays: Product Introductions

Illumina launched the HumanCNV370-Duo DNA Analysis BeadChip, developed in collaboration with deCODE genetics, to target novel regions of the genome that show copy number variation. It enables the analysis of two samples simultaneously.

Illumina released the BeadXpress System detection platform, based on VeraCode digital microbead technology, for low to mid-multiplex experiments.

Illumina launched a custom-content methylation product for the survey of up to 1,536 methylation sites.

Sigma-Aldrich introduced the Panorama Antibody Microarray XPRESS Profiler725.

Procognia is providing its protein kinase array technology to GlaxoSmithKline as part of a collaboration.

Affymetrix launched the GeneChip HT Array Plate System processing platform for analyzing up to 96 samples at a time. It consists of the Array Station, Array Plate Scanner, software, array plates and reagents.

Affymetrix introduced the cost-effective GeneChip Human Gene 1.0 ST Array for measurement of the overall expression of all transcripts derived from a gene.

Agilent released a microarray for microRNA expression profiling, requiring as little as 100 ng of total RNA. It is available in a multipack format of eight arrays.

Agilent launched eight-plex high-density arrays for reduced cost per experiment.

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