Microarrays: Product Introductions

Eppendorf AG introduced the TF Chip Stem Cell kit. Eppendorf AG and the Joint Research Center of the EU validated the firm’s DualChip GMO microarray kit. BioDiscovery released NEXUS CGH 2 software. Tecan AG introduced the QuadChamber for fully automated processing of four different microarrays simultaneously on one slide, which is validated for use with Agilent’s 4-plex microarrays. SciGene validated the Little Dipper Processor for use with Illumina BeadChips. Illumina introduced the 12-sample Infinium DNA Methylation BeadChip. Illumina released the Infinium HD Human 1M-Duo and the Human610-Quad chips, with up to 2.3 million SNPs per chip. Illumina introduced the BovineSNP50 BeadChip. Affymetrix launched the GeneChip Command Console Software for instrument control and data organization. Affymetrix introduced the Genotyping Console 2.0 software. Affymetrix launched the MyGeneChip Program for custom arrays of plant and animal genomes. Oxford Gene Technology released the Oligome database of 10 million oligonucleotide probes.

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