Molecular Spectroscopy

Company Announcements In April, FOSS A/S opened a sales subsidiary in India. It is headquartered in Mumbai with four branch offices and 15 employees. FOSS’s subagent Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments will provide service for the dairy industry. CDEX announced three new distributors: Virtus Trading for Kuwait; GRIFOLS International for Spain, Portugal and Italy; and EURAF for France. Eichhof Holding AG stated in June that it will spin off its Beverage business and sell Eichhof Real Estate, leaving its Datacolor business as a pure-play public company. In June, Datacolor announced a strategic alliance with SGS Group for service deliverables of Color Technology to the textile and apparel industry. In May, X-Rite CFO Lynn J. Lyall resigned for personal reasons and Dave Rawhen, former CFO of Exopack Holding, was named interim CFO. HunterLab promoted Bob Weaver to president. Product Introductions Enwave Optronics introduced the EZRaman-LE low-cost, portable Raman system. Lambda Solutions released the Dimension FT-ABS Raman system for critical fluid-phase monitoring. Lambda Solutions introduced the MMR Duplex low-cost, double wavelength micro Raman system. Alpha Innotech launched the AlphaSpec µL UV/Vis ible spectrophotometer, featuring a noncontact detection method and requiring only 2 µL of sample. Specim Spectral Imaging introduced the SisuCHEMA Chemical Imaging Workstation, which utilizes hyperspectral imaging technology in the shortwave IR range. In May, PerkinElmer introduced the Spectrum 100 Optica, an FT-IR spectrometer developed specifically for the optical filters and coatings industry. FOSS released the MilkoScan FT+, a fully automatic milk analyzer based on FT-IR spectroscopy. FOSS launched the XDS Biodiesel Analyzer for testing control parameters during production. Bio-Rad released the AnalyzeIT Polymer IR software for identification, classification and interpretation of polymer IR spectral. Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the new Thermo Scientific Helios Zeta double-beam and Helios Omega single-beam UV-Visible spectrophotometers for research, routine quality control and teaching. Analyze IQ released Analyze IQ Lab software for analyzing spectroscopic data from mixtures of materials. Renishaw introduced the StreamLine Plus Raman imaging system, featuring analysis 10 times faster than the previous model. CDEX introduced the ID2 Meth Scanner for methamphetamine detection.

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