Molecular Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

CID Bio-Science, a provider of tools for measuring plant characteristics, acquired Russian distributor SpezLabProekt in August.

Color management solutions company Datacolor announced in October that it plans to name Hanno Elbraechter to its Board. He is a member of the executive committee and head of Business Unit Technology at DKSH. He replaces Dr. Fritz Gantert.

Datacolor’s fiscal 2018 sales ending September 30 rose 11.4%, 8% in local currency, to $81.1 million (see IBO 11/30/18). The company expects 2019 sales to be the same or slightly below 2018 sales.

In October, Nanometrics, a leading provider of advanced process control systems, agreed to acquire 4D Technology, a supplier of high-performance interferometric measurement and inspection systems for shape and surface measurements.

In November, South Korea’s BioCore Bioanalytical Services announced it has partnered with Picarro, maker of systems based on cavity ring down laser spectroscopy (CRDS), for beta testing of what it called the first CRDS specifically designed to replace accelerator MS in radiocarbon ADME studies.

In November, Princeton Instruments, a manufacturer of scientific cameras and spectroscopy equipment, named new distributors of its FERGIE Raman spectroscopy system: Opton Laser International for France; Labindia Instruments for India; PT Virtus Analitika Mitratama for Indonesia; Optical Measurement for Japan; ALV Technologies for Malaysia and Philippines/Singapore; iMascots Analytical for Myanmar; ryts Instruments for Myanmar; and Quantum Design UK for Ireland and the UK.

In December, WITec named Elliot Scientific as a distributor for the UK and Ireland.


Product Introductions

In October, Spectro Scientific released a new generation of its FluidScan mid-IR spectrometer handheld oil analyzer. It features upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms. Two models are available.

In November, Agilent Technologies launched the Cary 3500 UV-Vis system, featuring 8 positions. It can simultaneously run enzymatic reactions at 4 different temperatures. Applications include nucleic acid and protein measurements.

Princeton Instruments introduced in November the SpectraPro HRS750, a new 750 mm focal length spectrograph and scanning monochromator that features an astigmatism-corrected optical design, a mechanical scanning range of 0–1500 nm and resolution of 0.05 nm or better.

JEOL released in November a major expansion of the CRAFT (Complete Reduction to Amplitude Frequency) software for NMR. CRAFT for DELTA V1.0 provides direct time domain-to-spreadsheet analysis and provides statistical analysis for metabolomics, reaction monitoring or QC.

Thermo Fisher Scientific debuted in November the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer, an upgrade over the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 FTIR spectrometer, featuring the new LightDrive Optical Engine technology. It comes with cloud-based spectroscopy software.

In November, Renishaw announced the Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyzer, a compact Raman imaging system designed for biological and clinical research. It can obtain detailed information on the distribution and amount of biochemical species within biological samples, including tissue biopsies, tissue sections and biofluids.

PicoQuant announced in December the plug-and-play, time-resolved FluoTime 250 fluorescence spectrometer.

In December, Bruker launched the INVENIO S FTIR research spectrometer, which replaces the TENSOR spectrometer series, for advanced routine analysis and spectroscopic research. Its optional Transit Channel allows instantaneous, software-controlled switching between measurement techniques by providing an additional, easily accessible sample space.


Sales and Orders of Note

In December, Magritek was awarded a major contract by the US Drug Enforcement Administration for two Spinsolve 80 Carbon benchtop NMR spectrometers for use in laboratories in Virginia and California.

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