Molecular Spectroscopy: Company Announcements

BTX Harvard Apparatus introduced the MicroPoration platform, consisting of a pulse generator, safety chamber and MicroPorator pipette, for nonviral transfection.

Nova Biomedical launched the module BioProfile FLEX for cell culture analysis of 16 attributes.

CellASIC launched the ONIX system for live cell imaging of yeast samples, featuring a microfluidic plate and flow control panel.

Applied BioPhysics launched the ECIS (electric cell-substrate impedance sensing) 9600 system for high-throughput, real-time cell monitoring.

Applied BioPhysics released a flow array for automated monitoring of cell behavior under flow conditions.

Innovates AG introduced the Cellavista system, utilizing brightfield imaging and fluorescence for cellular analysis.

IonGate Biosciences GmbH launched the SURFE2R (SURFace Electrogenic Event Reader) Workstation for label-free measurement of electrically active membrane proteins using 96-well sensor plates.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH released the PALM Microbeam IV for laser dissection.

Epitome Biosystems introduced the Ti-Tyr Phosphorylation Profiling Chip, incorporating EpiTag technology, for the simultaneous measurement of multiple cellular events.

PerkinElmer launched the Opera LX, an introductory configuration of its Opera cell screening system.

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