Molecular Spectroscopy: Product Introductions

Datacolor introduced the Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Studio display calibration and printer profiling solutions for photographers and digital imaging professionals.

Camspec released the M108 programmable Vis spectrophotometer, the result of a design, production and supply partnership with a Chinese-American company.

Sensor Technologies launched the three-channel, benchtop QuantumXpert fluorescence correlation spectrometer.

Quantitech released the portable InfraCal Filtometer and InfraSpec VFA-IR spectrometer for biofuels analysis.

Hach Lange released the DR 3800 sc Vis spectrophotometer.

Bruker BioSpin launched the Bruker Analytical Services program, offering for-fee analytical measurements.

SpectEcology introduced the pHuvette, a one cm cuvette with an optical pH sensor in its wall, for pH measurement and the pHoxyvette with embedded pH and oxygen sensors for use with any spectrophotometer. The sensors also can be installed in any transparent container wall.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the UV-1800 UV/Vis spectrophotometer featuring multiple modes.

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