Company Announcements

In May, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced a licensing program for its Thermo Scientific Tandem Mass Tag protein identification and quantitation technology. Cell Signaling Technology is a customer.

In May, Astrotech engaged Chardan to advise on strategic alternatives for its 1st Detect subsidiary, which provides MS technology.

In June, Labkey announced that the NCI Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium has joined the Panorama Partners Program, a collaboration of proteomics-focused organizations established by Labkey and the MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington. The program is designed to help fund and direct the development of the Panorama open source proteomic data management tool.

Waters announced in June the approval by Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency of the Waters ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System, as well as the Xevo TQD, Xevo TQ-S micro and Xevo TQ-S1 for IVD use.

Waters named Dr. Flemming Ornskov, CEO of Shire, to its Board in June.

SCIEX Diagnostics’ AB SCIEX TRIPLE QUAD 4500MD LC-MS/MS system gained regulatory approval from the China Food and Drug Administration in June.


Product Introductions

In May, Cerno Bioscience introduced MassWorks 5.0. New features include extended mixture analysis of 10 components or more, and NIST GC/MS library search integration.

Biotage released in May the Isolera Dalton 2000 mass detector for flash purification. It features a wider detection range of ion masses, up to m/z 2000, than the previous model.

SCIEX unveiled in June the Vitamin D 200M Assay, calling it the first and only FDA-cleared LC/MS-based Vitamin D assay kit. It is designed exclusively for the SCIEX Topaz System (see IBO 6/15/17).

In June, Thermo Fisher Scientific released the Thermo Scientific ProSightPC 4.0 software for top-down and middle-down proteomics. It features five search modes to help determine the exact proteoform.

Thermo Fisher Scientific released in June the Thermo Scientific ISQ EC single quadruopole MS for use with IC and HPLC systems. The Chromeleon CDS platform is embedded in the system’s instrument control for time savings.

In June, PREMIER Biosoft released SimLipid 6.0 to advance biological lipidomics research. It offers an automated lipidomic data analysis solution for use with the Waters ACQUITY UPLC and Xevo G2-XS QTof MS system and SONAR data independent acquisition.

Genedata debuted in June Genedata Expressionist 11.0 for the characterization of biopharmaceutical molecules based on MS. New features include a project management extension, which enables consolidation and dissemination of product knowledge across different functions, and an open plugin infrastructure.

Biognosys launched in June Spectronaut Pulsar, a Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) software with an integrated database search engine. It supports a spectral library–free workflow as well as target analysis of DIA data using spectral libraries.

In June, Prosolia introduced a new DESI (Desorption ElectroSpray Ionization) 2D model compatible with Agilent Technologies’ TOF, Q-TOF and IM-Q-TOF LC/MS systems. DESI enables imaging without matrix by MS.

PerkinElmer launched in June the NeoLSD MSMS kit, calling it the first CE-marked commercial IVD kit to utilize MS for the six most commonly screened lysosomal storage disorders, all from single dried blood samples.

In June, 908 Devices debuted the MX908, its second-generation handheld chemical detection and identification device. New features include increased sensitivity and an upgraded hazards target list.

In June, Shimadzu introduced an LC/MS/MS Method Package for D/L amino acids, enabling the simultaneous analysis of chiral amino acids in 10 min without derivatization using CROWNPAK CR-I(+) and CR-I(-) columns.

In June, Agena Bioscience announced the European launch of its MassARRAY System with CHIP Prep Module, marketed as a CE-IVD product, for targeted genetic testing.


Orders/Sales of Note

In June, Agena Bioscience announced that Assurex Health, a subsidiary of Myriad Genetics, selected its MassARRAY System for streamlined lab set-up and sample processing of Assurex’s GeneSight Psychotropic LDT. Assurex has run over 150,000 GeneSight tests using the system, and the new system will increase the number of samples run on the platform.

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