: In June, DuPont and Environmental Defense (ED) introduced the Nano Risk Framework, a joint effort to improve research on environmental, health and safety issues pertaining to nanotechnology. At its most basic level, the Framework calls for a multistep risk analysis assessment before the use of nanotech products or processes, followed by regular reexaminations of risks when new data becomes available. DuPont has already used the Framework’s guidelines for a number of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes in polymer composites and zero-valent iron used in environmental remediation. In the case of the zero-valent iron, DuPont found that it did not have sufficient information about some risk elements of the project and will wait to test the project until further data can be collected. DuPont and ED hope other companies will create similar documents and government agencies such as the EPA and FDA will use the Framework as guidance for determining their policies.

Source: Nanotechnology Law Report

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