Nucleic Acid Amplification

Company Announcements

Idaho Technology licensed its reagents or methods using SYBR Green I technology and melting curve analysis for real-time PCR to Thermo Fisher Scientific and Finnzymes Oy.

Idaho Technology signed an agreement with Microbiology International for the exclusive distribution of its R.A.P.I.D. LT Food Security System in the US.

Transgenomic completed a licensing option with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for a method known as Cold-PCR, which has applicability in the detection of cancer-related mutations where critical mutations are present at a very low percentage compared to normal DNA.

In May, PEQLAB GmbH acquired Clemens GmbH, the provider of the peqSTAR range of thermal cyclers.

Product Introductions

BioTrove introduced the OpenArray DLP Real-Time qPCR platform, a fully licensed high-density qPCR platform for use with customers’ TaqMan chemistries.

NuGEN Technologies released the WT-Ovation One-Direct RNA Amplification System for whole-transcriptome gene expression analysis from a single cell.

Fluidigm introduced the SlingShot digital PCR kit for sample preparation for next-generation sequencing.

Bio-Rad Laboratories launched SsoFast EvaGreen Supermix, which through instant polymerase activation, optimal primer binding and rapid polymerization kinetics enables qPCR-cycling protocols to be completed in less than 30 minutes.

In April, Applied Biosystems introduced new TaqMan Gene Expression Assays, expanding its coverage to 15 species and to agricultural studies.

Applied Biosystems introduced new real-time PCR-based kits and software for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes in food.

Applied Biosystems launched the TaqMan Array Gene Signature Plates, 96-well reaction plates containing preformatted and dried TaqMan Gene Expression Assays.

In May, Applied Biosystems released the resDNASEQ Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Residual DNA Quantitation and PrepSEQ Sample Preparation kits for measuring residual DNA impurities from CHO host cells.

TriLink Biotechnologies released the cost-effective CleanAmp dNTPs Hot Start PCR reagent.

QIAGEN introduced the QuantiFast Multiplex RT-PCR Kits and Rotor-Gene Multiplex RT-PCR Kits, which allow detection of up to four targets per tube.

QIAGEN released the EpiTech High Resolution Melting PCR kit.

Spartan Bioscience launched the DX-12 DNA Analyzer, priced at $12,500, for non-batched PCR applications.

Gene Technologies released the GS-482 thermal cycler with dual-block functionality for under €5,000 ($7,000).

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