Adelaide, Australia 5/30/18; Adelaide, Australia 6/14/18—RHS, which develops single-cell genomics technology for IVF embryo screening, has been sold to PerkinElmer for the previously announced purchase of price AUD 0.28 ($0.22 at AUD 1.27 = $1) per share in cash, or approximately AUD 25.2 million ($19.8 million) (see IBO 2/28/18). The sale follows RHS shareholder approval. The company’s shares were delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange, effective May 30. RHS’ 2017 revenues increased 176.5% to AUD 210,548 ($161,960 at AUD 1.30 = $1), with an operating loss from continuing operations of AUD 2.0 million ($1.5 million.) (For RHS’s 2017 financial results, see Bottom Line.)  Applications of the company’s technology include preimplantation genetic testing and liquid biopsies.

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