IMS forecasts worldwide pharmaceutical sales to increase 4.5%–5.5%, in 2009, the same as 2008’s growth, to more than $820 billion. Oncology products will drive growth, with sales expected to increase 15%–16%. Also driving sales growth will be HIV therapies, which are forecasted to grow 13%–14%, and biologics, which are expected to grow 11%–12%. Sales of drugs prescribed by specialists are forecasted to rise 8%–9% to make up 67% of the total market’s growth. Generic drug sales are expected to increase 5%–7%, the same as 2008, to more than $68 billion. Geographically, the fastest growth is expected in emerging markets (defined as China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Russia), where sales are expected to increase 14%–15% to $105–$115 billion. In the world’s largest drug markets, US sales are predicted to increase 1%–2%, the same as this year, to $292–$302 billion, while Japanese sales are expected to rise 4%–5% to $84–$88 billion.

Source: IMS

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