Proteomics Company Acquired

Stockholm, Sweden 3/13/19—Swiss firm Olink Proteomics, which provides products for protein analysis, has been purchased by Summa Equity for an undisclosed amount. Olink Proteomics has 110 employees. “The scientific and business opportunities for Olink Proteomics are enormous, as its technology is radically transforming the market for proteomics, thus enabling improved patient treatment,” commented Tommi Unkuri, Partner at Summa Equity. “We look forward to supporting the company in its ambition to continue investing in improved customer solutions, and its effort to roll out its technology on a worldwide basis.” Olink Proteomics management and its founder, Professor Ulf Landegren, remain shareholders.

Olink Proteomics’ panels are based on its Proximity Extension Assay technology, an immunoassay based on antibodies labeled with oligonucleotides for greater sensitivity. The technology is capable of simultaneous analysis of 92 proteins in 96 samples using 1 mL of sample. Real-time PCR is used for quantification.

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