According to Battelle and R&D Magazine, R&D spending worldwide will increase by approximately 3.2% next year to $1,140 billion, excluding inflation. US R&D spending is estimated to increase 1.75% to $383.5 billion, excluding inflation. Including the effects of inflation, US R&D spending is forecasted to decline 1.6%, as federal government funding falls 1.9% and industrial R&D spending declines 1.3%. The Americas (excluding the US) is estimated to account for 38.2% of R&D spending worldwide next year, followed by Asia and the US, which will account for 33.8% and 33.6%, respectively. China’s gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) is expected to rise the fastest next year, increasing 16.1% based on purchasing power parity (PPP) to $142.5 billion. Asia’s GERD will increase the second fastest, based on PPP, rising 6.6% to $386.9 billion. However, Europe and Japan’s GERD will increase only 0.5% each, based on PPP, to $280.2 billion and $144.6 billion, respectively.

Source: Battelle

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