Security Technologies

Company Announcements

Olink AB in partnership with scientists from Uppsala University formed Q-linea AB to develop biosensors for the detection of biological warfare agents.

Diversified Opportunities, an over-the-counter listed, shell company, acquired QRSciences’ US subsidiary and the electronic imaging firm Spectrum San Diego, which was partially owned by QRSciences.

QRSciences agreed to distribute GE Security’s trace detection products in Australia and New Zealand.

JMAR Technologies formed a subsidiary, Spectral Labs, to develop products for radiological and nuclear detection.

In September, Analytik Jena’s AJ eBiochip GmbH division signed a development contract with Bruker Daltonik GmbH. Bruker also agreed to exclusively distribute eBioChip’s ePaTOX biochip system for on-site detection of biowarfare agents.

In December, Bruker changed the name of Bruker Daltonics’ NBC Detection division to Bruker Detection, which is headed by Sebastian Meyer-Plath.

Goodrich will use TeraView’s continuous wave terahertz technology in its chemical detection systems.

Product Introductions

Smiths Detection introduced the handheld HPRID (High Performance Radioisotope Identifier), featuring increased accuracy and speed, as well as the ability to identify shielded threats.

Bruker entered the homeland-security and airport explosives detection market in December 2008 with the release of the DE-tector benchtop explosives and drug-detection system based on ion mobility spectrometry.

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