Security Technologies: Company Announcements

Decision Sciences exclusively licensed Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Muon Tomography technology for detection of nuclear and other weapons in car and vehicles. Full-scale production is expected to begin in early 2008.

Smiths Detection LiveWire exclusively licensed Argonne National Laboratory’s PROTECT warning system that integrates chemical sensors and security cameras.

Bm-t Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen GmbH and Erfurt and Deutsche Effecten- und Wechsel-Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG acquired a 31% and 39% stake, respectively, in Zenteris GmbH, a developer of nucleic acid–based systems for the detection of biohazardous materials. Zenteris is a spinoff from JENOPTIK Laser, which holds a 24.9% stake.

Fiscal 2007 revenues for OSI Systems’ Security business rose 38.1% to $186.6 million to make up 35% of sales, including a 26% rise in sales of baggage, parcel inspection and people screening systems, and an 81% increase in sales of cargo and vehicle inspection systems.

In September, NanoSensors terminated business operations and repositioned the company as a shell company. Its letter of intent to acquire DKL International expired in August (see IBO 5/15/07).

Smiths Detection’s fiscal 2007 revenues rose 6%, 10% in constant currency, to £438 million ($842 million) and operating profit grew 6%, 10% in constant currency, to £79 million ($152 million) (see IBO 9/30/07). The Transportation sector accounted for 38% of sales and grew 11%. Military sales fell 11% and Ports & Borders sales doubled.

Acro has agreed to acquire RAY Detection Technology, a provider of Discovery CERT technology.

Smiths Detection named Sionex a partner in its UK Ministry of Defense contract to develop High Field Asymmetric Waveform Spectroscopy technology for chemical agent detection.

In October, OSI Systems entered into a private label distribution agreement with Brijot Imaging Systems to combine their respective technologies.

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