Surface Science

Company Announcements

FEI and Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry are collaborating on a correlative microscopy solution for the acquisition of TEM images of molecular entities found using optical microscopy techniques.

In August, Intellection promoted CFO/COO Chris Staples to CEO.

In November, Carl Zeiss opened a subsidiary for its Industrial Metrology business in Istanbul, Turkey, in which it holds a majority interest along with the owner of its previous representative, ALPEGE End¨¹striyel Metroloji.

Product Introductions

Carl Zeiss SMT introduced the ORION PLUS Helim Ion Microscope, featuring improvements in resolution, sample cleaning, signal collection and brightness.

Carl Zeiss SMT introduced the affordable, easy to use ¡ÆIGMA field emission-SEM.

Carl Zeiss SMT introduced a third Argon ion beam column for its Nvision 40 CrossBeam workstation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the MagnaRay wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer (WDS), which automatically combines energy dispersive spectroscopy results with WDS, for use with the EDS NORAN System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System.

EDAX introduced the Genesis Apex X-ray microanalysis system, featuring the new DPP III digital pulse processor and EXpert ID for one-step element identification.

EDAX released the DigiView IV electron backscatter detector for a wide rage of applications.

FEI introduced the MLA 600F automated mineralogy analyzer for reduced sample turnaround time, developed in cooperation with JKTech and Anglo Platinum.

Oxford Instruments released the X-Max Silicon Drift Detector, featuring resolution down to 123eV and throughput in excess of 10,000 counts per second.

Asylum Research introduced the Cypher atomic force microscope, featuring closed loop atomic resolution using sensors in all three axes.

FEI released the TrueCrystal Strain Analysis package for use on the Titan or Tecnai S/TEMs for rapid strain profiling during semiconductor manufacturing.

Carl Zeiss launched the favorably priced LSM 700 Laser Scanning Microscope, an entry-level confocal microscope.

In November, Carl Zeiss and Yokogawa Electric introduced the Cell Observer Spinning Disk Microscope for confocal observation and documentation of experiments on living cells over a long time with high frame rates.

Nikon Instruments released the AZ100 C1si macro confocal spectral imaging system.

Nikon Instruments and Thorlabs introduced Optical Coherence Tomography to Nikon¡¯s FNI PhysioStation for deep imaging in biological tissue.

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