Surface Science: Company Announcements

Inkarp Instruments and SciTech became exclusive distributors for JPK Instruments for India and Australia, respectively.

Imago Scientific Instruments named founder and CTO Tom Kelly, PhD, president and CEO in September. Timothy J. Stultz, PhD, former CEO, was named chairman.

In October, Asylum Research opened a subsidiary in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

In November, Asylum Research announced that a federal court dismissed two the five Veeco Instruments patents that are the subject of Veeco’s infringement suit against the company (see IBO 11/30/03). A trial is scheduled for March 2008.

In November, Park Systems entered into a master development agreement to develop and supply atomic force microscopes (AFM) to Seagate Technology.

In November, El-Mul Technologies acquired QuantomiX, developer of the WETSEM capsule technology.

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