Synthesizers: Company Announcements

Radleys appointed Interchim its exclusive German distributor.

Sloning Biotechnology named Microsynth the exclusive distributor of its gene synthesis service and product family of mutant libraries in Switzerland.

Sloning Biotechnology selected Research & Innovation as its exclusive Japanese distributor.

PNA Inventor Group granted Link Technologies a license to manufacture and sell monomers for peptide nucleic acid synthesis.

Open Biosystems agreed to distribute Codon Devices’ gene synthesis offering to researchers that fall below Codon’s minimum order threshold.

Operon Biotechnologies will comarket DNA2.0’s gene synthesis services.

In October, Invitrogen announced it is now a coexclusive distributor of Blue Heron Biotechnology’s custom gene synthesis products.

In October, Codon Devices opened a UK office.

In October, Codon Devices named Brian M. Baynes, PhD, founder and CSO, president.

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