United Kingdom

Increases in National Health Service spending and other government funds for translational research has lead UK institutes to focus on moving medical research into the clinic more quickly. England is facing competition for medical research and clinical trials from the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Centers for Medicines Research, the number of patients enrolled in randomized clinical trials in the UK decreased from 6% to 2% between 2000 and 2007. Conversely, in Asia-Pacific countries, the percentage increased from 2% to 10%, while Eastern Europe’s share improved two to three fold. The decline in translational research in the UK occurred due to the division between the academic research and patient service functions of hospitals and the development of competitive model for research funding that segmented research fields. Medical academies are now fighting for the title of Academic Health Science Centers, which requires the cooperation of at least four medical institutions. Although providing no direct funding, the title could lead to future funding due to the visibility it may bring.

Source: Financial Times

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