Introducing Compact, Undercounter, ADA Height, & Full-Sized Refrigerators For Laboratory Applications

Bronx, NY, —Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has launched a new series of purpose-built refrigeration to meet the demanding needs of scientific, life science, laboratory, and medical cold storage applications. Available in multiple sizes, the Performance Series Med-Lab line expands Accucold’s cold storage equipment offering into the life science market.

Each unit is designed specifically for optimum performance and convenient use in busy laboratory settings. All models feature an intelligent microprocessor digital temperature controller that keeps the current and high/low temperature viewable without the need to open the door. The temperature is read from a buffered probe stored in a glycol-filled bottle to better simulate the temperature of the product. An additional sensor reads the air temperature. This equipment is designed to operate between 2 and 10ºC, with password-protected parameters that allow experienced staff to adjust as needed.

“Life science storage applications require incredibly precise and reliable cold storage,” says Mark Manders, Vice President of the Accucold division. “With a +/- 1ºC temperature variance, we’re confident that the Med-Lab series will meet those standards while offering the convenient features that makes daily use easier for laboratory staff.”

Additional features include self-closing doors, keyed locks, and alarms for high/low temperature excursions, power outages, and door ajar warnings. Units are available with glass or solid doors in sizes that range from 1 cu.ft. to 15 cu.ft. To learn more, visit or call 718-893-3900.

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