AcouSort and Gensensor enter collaboration aiming at improving bioreactor culturing

AcouSort AB (“AcouSort”) and GenSensor SAS (“GenSensor”) today announce that the two companies have signed a Letter of Intent to integrate AcouSort’s acoustofluidics technology with GenSensor’s biology first Process Analytical Technology to accelerate bioprocess design and improve monitoring systems for bioreactor culturing.

AcouSort and GenSensor share a common interest in providing the healthcare market with innovative solutions that improve production efficiency and the development of advanced therapeutics leading to better
patient outcomes upon treatment.

The GenSensor technology performs automated, self-adapting cell sampling from various kinds of bioreactors. The solution also isolates and identifies biomarkers as well as perform bioinformatics analyses to document and optimize all kinds of bioprocesses from R&D and scale-up to routine production in order to increase bioproduction excellence and yield.

AcouSort’s AcouTrap technology enables gentle and automated isolation and purification of cells from various samples starting materials or cultures. By combining the two companies’ technologies, AcouSort and GenSensor aim to automate cell capture and clean-up prior to molecular analysis. Initially, the collaboration will be focused on integration of AcouTrap units with GenSensor’s device as well as development of a new generation of devices dedicated to bioprocess monitoring and additional data collection regarding the isolated samples. In a future commercial phase, AcouSort will provide its AcouTrap units to GenSensor as OEM components.

“I am very pleased that we have entered into this collaboration with GenSensor. Our two companies share the same aspiration to push important technologies forward in order to provide the healthcare market with solutions that promote better patient outcomes on a large scale. And the collaboration fits right into our OEM commercialization strategy,” says Torsten Freltoft, CEO at AcouSort.

“Biotech and pharma bring innovative drugs on the market. As a mission-driven company, we drive innovation in the field of upstream processing, a major axe of improvement for our industry. Integrating best in class technology like AcouTrap into our biology first Process Analytical Technology will have a significant impact for bioproduction efficiency,” says Charles Hébert, CEO at GenSensor.

GenSensor was founded with a vision to become a game changer in the field of biology first Process Analytical Technology. The company develops robotic devices and AI algorithms to monitor, characterize and optimize bioproduction of ATMP and vaccines.

AcouSort AB (corporate registration number 556824-1037) is an innovative technology company focusing on developing products and solutions for integrated preparation of biological samples. With the help of sound waves, the company’s products can separate blood cells, concentrate, purify, and stain cells, exosomes, and bacteria from biological samples. The technology of the company’s products is acoustofluidics, where sound waves and microfluidics enable automated handling of samples in a range of application areas, from research on new biomarkers to the development of new diagnostic systems for near-patient testing – so-called Point-of Care (POC) systems. The company’s commercialization strategy is based on the already proven business model of providing separation modules to diagnostic system manufacturers for integrated sample preparation as well as to continue the commercialization of the company’s research instruments. With the help of the company’s products and development of point-of-care tests, new diagnostic systems and treatments are enabled, addressing some of the most challenging disease areas of our time: cancer, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. AcouSort is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The company’s Certified Adviser is Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ).

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