Advanced Instruments Announces Strategic Investment In Applied Biosensors, Inc. To Support Expanded Capabilities In Process Analytical Technologies For The Bioprocessing Space

NORWOOD, Mass. — Advanced Instruments, a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments and services for bioprocessing, today announced a strategic investment in Applied Biosensors, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah (“AB”). AB is commercializing its patented hydrogel technology to produce the world’s first multi-analyte, in-line sensing platform to simultaneously monitor glucose, lactate, osmolality, and pH during bioproduction.

This innovative technology enables the continuous measurement of these key process parameters which cannot be simultaneously measured by a single in-line system today. Using a sensing system based on smart hydrogels and magnetic transduction mechanisms, AB’s InSens4™ platform is ideally suited for use in bioreactors and is not limited by bioreactor size or form factor. This revolutionary technology will streamline upstream bioprocessing, drive efficiencies for biologic drug development, and help bring critical medications to market faster.

As a strategic investor, Advanced Instruments will actively assist AB with bringing the InSens4™ to market. “AB’s technology is exciting and will significantly advance process analytical capabilities for the bioprocessing industry. We are excited to partner with AB and consider new applications integrated with our existing technology,” commented Byron Selman, President & CEO of Advanced Instruments. “We look forward to achieving great results for the bioprocessing industry to advance our customers’ workflows and for the advancement of drug development.”

“We are thrilled to have a partner like Advanced Instruments to support our investment in this breakthrough technology. Their expertise complements ours perfectly in catering to the needs of bioprocessing industry more effectively,” commented Prashant Tathireddy, Chief Executive Officer at Applied Biosensors, Inc. “Our sensor platform is strategically positioned to accelerate the drug development process while significantly increasing manufacturing yields. Further, its implementation will reduce failures thereby enhancing cost-effectiveness. In collaboration with Advanced Instruments, our investments are set to transform upstream production.”

AB is a spin off from the University of Utah, and is led by its founders Prashant Tathireddy, a former University of Utah engineering professor, and Rohit Sharma, a former Principal Engineer at the University of Utah. The company was founded in 2013 and its founders are inventors cited on several key patents related to hydrogel sensing.

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About Advanced Instruments
Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments for the bioprocessing, clinical and food and beverage industries. The company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality of results, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase workplace productivity for more than 65 years. In the biopharma space, its Solentim portfolio of best-in-class imaging and single-cell deposition technologies enable the clonal isolation, outgrowth, and characterization of the highest value cells for monoclonal antibody upstream development and cell and gene therapy. Its OsmoTECH® line of micro-osmometers are built specifically to support workflows throughout every phase of bioprocessing. Its Artel portfolio includes leading analytical instruments, software and services that validate, automate, and calibrate critical liquid handling processes and instrumentation. Similarly, clinical labs worldwide rely on Advanced Instruments’ innovative solutions for delivery of accurate and timely patient results in their clinical chemistry, microbiology, and hematology labs. For more information, visit

About Applied Biosensors, Inc.
Applied Biosensors was established in 2013 to transform the production of life-saving medicines. The company has developed a biosensors and analytics platform for continuous monitoring of critical process parameters designed specifically for the biomanufacturing industry. The platform generates 1000X more process data in real-time compared to current off-line manual systems, and enables the predictive analytics and models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Importantly, it is adaptable and scalable for any bioreactor: single use, glass or stainless steel, and it can be used in R&D and can scale up for GMP.  Applied Biosensors mission is to provide its customers with comprehensive, high-quality solutions that improve productivity and process reliability thus resulting in superior biomanufacturing and life science products. For more information, visit

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