Affymetrix Estimates $15 Million Shortfall for Fourth Quarter

Santa Clara, CA 1/5/05—Affymetrix has announced that it expects fourth quarter 2005 revenues of $115 million, $15 million below the company’s previous guidance of $120 million. Affymetrix estimates 2005 total revenues of $365 million, for annual growth of 5.5%, and 2005 product and product-related revenues of $350 million, for growth of 5.7%. In 2006,

Affymetrix forecasts revenues to grow 15%. The company attributed the shortfall to lower-than-expected instrument sales and delays in completing a genotyping service contract. Company instrument sales were $10 million below expectations in the fourth quarter, and $6 million less than the fourth quarter of 2004. In 2005, Affymetrix estimates instrument revenues to be 20% below 2004 levels. Affymetrix expected $5 million in revenues in the fourth quarter from completion of a genotyping contract for the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium. The delay was due to a longer-than-expected scale-up time due to the additional infrastructure needed for the new genotyping services business.

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