Almaden Adds Pre-Built Workflows to Speed Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis

DALLAS – Almaden Genomics has added pre-built workflows for single-cell RNA-seq analysis to its g.nome™ platform, enabling understanding of cellular diversity and disease mechanisms on a much more granular level. By unlocking single-cell sequencing data through efficient and powerful analysis, g.nome can now help researchers better understand cellular heterogeneity and gene expression.

“Single-cell RNA-seq is becoming more widely adopted because it can provide critical insights by analyzing the gene expression profiles of individual cells,” said David Gascoigne, chief executive officer of Almaden Genomics. “This type of analysis requires a significant amount of iteration and exploration which is where a flexible and powerful system like g.nome adds significant value.”

In g.nome, researchers don’t need coding skills to handle big datasets reliably because the platform offers a drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI). The pre-built, yet modifiable, workflows streamline the entire single-cell RNA-seq process, automating preprocessing steps like quality control, normalization, and batch correction and functional analysis like differential expression. In addition, g.nome’s interactive visualization tools facilitate quick data exploration, cluster identification, and gene expression profiling.

About Almaden Genomics

Almaden Genomics is accelerating drug discovery with g.nome™, a cloud-native platform designed to provide scientists with tools for high-throughput sequencing data analysis. g.nome provides an easy-to-use GUI workflow editor and builder with strong iteration, version control and data provenance capabilities, enabling biologists to confidently run and iterate upon bioinformatic workflows with ease. Formerly part of IBM Research, Almaden Genomics became a new standalone company under Catalyze Dallas’ ownership in 2022. For more information, visit

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