Amnis Announces Release of Powerful New Image Data Analysis Software

SEATTLE, April 10 — Amnis Corporation announced today a

major new release of its IDEAS(R) statistical image analysis software.

IDEAS version 3.0 incorporates greatly expanded analytical capabilities

while maintaining an emphasis on ease of use.

IDEAS 3.0 provides the user with dozens of new image feature

calculations and improves existing features to strengthen morphological

data analysis. The new software also provides the user with much greater

flexibility in defining specific areas of interest within a cell with eight

new masking functions. Finally, ease of use has been improved with a new

fluorescence crosstalk compensation process, automated statistical

summaries of batch-processed data, and an all-new wizard system. Amnis is

providing IDEAS 3.0 at no charge to all ImageStream sites that are under

warranty or service contract.

“The commercial release of IDEAS 3.0 is a major accomplishment for

Amnis,” said David Basiji, Ph.D., Amnis’ President and CEO. “By making the

IDEAS software more powerful and easier to use, we’re working to bring the

benefits of quantitative cell image analysis to an even wider audience.

This release lays the foundation for future versions that will make image

data analysis far faster, more intuitive, and more automated.”

Cathy Zimmerman, Amnis’ Director of Software, added, “Our software team

works closely with customers and with the scientists at Amnis to insure

that we are developing the most relevant and useful tools possible. We have

been very gratified by the exceptionally positive response this release has

received so far.”

Amnis Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, WA, develops, manufactures

and markets the ImageStream system for high speed imaging of cells in flow.

The system generates six high resolution microscopic images of cells as

they flow through the instrument at rates up to 300 cells per second. The

system is unique in its ability to image tens of thousands of cells in

minutes without the need to make slides. The IDEAS image analysis package,

an integral part of the ImageStream system, is a highly sophisticated yet

easy to use tool for processing hundreds of thousands of images at a time.

IDEAS enables highly advanced research applications in hematology,

immunology, oncology and provides a critical foundation for the company’s

clinical applications development.

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