Analytical Spectral Devices Introduces New goLab™ Mobile Workstation

Boulder, Colo., January 10, 2007 — Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) introduces the goLab™ Mobile Workstation for use with ASD FieldSpec®, LabSpec®, AgriSpec®, and TerraSpec® Vis/NIR portable instruments. The goLab Mobile Workstation is a versatile tool for supporting material analyses, formerly restricted to a laboratory environment, to be performed where and when needed — the warehouse, production floor, loading dock, green house, and more. The goLab Mobile Workstation also acts as a wheeled carrier for streamlined transport between locations, and then quickly unfolds to support the user’s sampling needs ‘right on the spot.’ The goLab features a stable, non-slip platform and large wheels suitable for both inside and outside work.

“The goLab Mobile Workstation is a totally new offering from ASD that takes portability beyond the ability to simply carry an instrument around,” said Amanda Griffin, ASD’s Marketing Communications Manager. “Once transported, the goLab unfolds into a complete platform for total analytical measurements where they need to be done! It really augments our portable instrument line, shows ASD’s dedication to providing cutting edge tools and solutions to our customer base, and is compatible with our portable Pro series of instruments as well.”

About ASD
Based in Boulder and with customers around the world, ASD provides the most reliable, high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions to industrial professionals, analytical researchers, and remote sensing scientists. In collaboration with our customers since 1990, our applications support team remains unsurpassed in solving the world’s most challenging materials measurement problems.
For more information, please contact Amanda Griffin, ASD Marketing Communications Manager, 5335 Sterling Dr., Suite A, Boulder, CO, 80301; 303/444-6522, 303/444-6825 (fax); [email protected];


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