New Software Update Supports Multichannel Pipette Calibration

WESTBROOK, Maine Advanced Instruments, a leading provider of analytical instruments and services for clinical and biopharmaceutical laboratories, is pleased to announce the release of ArtelWare® 2.2. ArtelWare software, the all-in-one Artel PCS® Pipette Calibration System and MVS® Multichannel Verification System liquid handling management software now supports multichannel pipette calibration.

The core functionality of ArtelWare enables laboratories to keep track of data from pipettes (manual and automated, single channel and multichannel) and operator proficiency data in one database with complete documentation and device inventory management. Among the many workflow benefits are scheduling for routine calibrations, interim performance verifications, and ALH liquid class optimization.

With pipetting competency assessment defined as a key best practice in ISO 8655 for handheld liquid handlers, the software is ideal for standardizing pipetting technique and routinely assessing operator competency.

The release of ArtelWare 2.2 introduces new and improved features that make managing device inventory and upcoming verifications for liquid handlers and pipettes more user-friendly than ever before, and now accessible for labs working with multichannel pipettes and the Artel MVS.

New Features and Capabilities:

New multichannel pipette calibration workflow for MVS including options for schedules, reviews, email notifications and access to the comprehensive catalog of pipettes

More efficient setup with new “Get Started” tile on dashboard

New ability to automatically export pipette calibrations, operator trainings, and liquid handler verification reports

Additional report visualization options for well failure highlighting, heatmap and statistics reporting

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