Aspectrics Corp Announces Receipt of its Fifth US Patent for Encoded-Photometric Infrared Technology

PLEASANTON, Calif., January 9, 2006 – Aspectrics, Inc., a leading supplier of Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy (EP-IR) analyzers, today announced the receipt of a fifth US patent for its Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy disk technology and associated optics.

The new patent number 6,982,788 was filed May 29th, 2000, and issued January 3rd, 2006.

“This patent further strengthens Aspectric’s EP-IR encoded disk technology and will allow Aspectrics to develop and deliver new EP-IR products to the marketplace in a more timely manner”, said Paul H. Salsgiver Jr., CEO of Aspectrics, Inc.

Aspectrics continues to file additional patent applications covering its fundamental technology to cover recent improvements and variations on the various systems; additional markets where the company may most effectively leverage its technology; and those features most often requested by its customers. The company has dozens of patent applications currently pending and will bolster its portfolio with further filings, from its intellectual property counsel Fenwick & West.

Aspectrics’ EP-IR technology enables real-time, parts-per-billion monitoring of dozens of chemical components under hostile environmental conditions commonly found in industrial processes. Applications under development by Aspectrics’ OEM customers using its EP-IR technology include ambient air and stack gas monitoring, engine emission analysis, foods and semiconductor processes.

At the heart of Aspectrics’ EP-IR analyzer is a rotating disc onto which up to 256 concentric encoding tracks are used to encode dispersed radiation, which is then collected and imaged onto a single-channel detector. The compact design enables very precise intensity measurements under hostile environmental conditions, which enables EP-IR to replace conventional analyzer technologies such as NDIR and FTIR currently used in many process monitoring and control applications.

About Aspectrics, Inc

Founded in 2000 and based in Pleasanton, California, Aspectrics Inc. supplies innovative Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectroscopy (EP-IR) analyzers to OEMs supplying detector instrumentation to chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and automotive markets. Aspectrics holds five U.S. patents for its encoding disc technology and associated optics. Aspectrics’ EP-IR technology was pioneered by founder and CTO, Thomas W. Hagler, Ph.D.

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