Aushon BioSystems Meets Global Microarray Instrumentation and Services Demand

Aushon Signs Agreements with Distributors in France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Korea

BILLERICA, Mass.–Aushon announced today partnerships with 3 distributors in a continuing expansion of its presence in the international microarray community. These distribution avenues align with Aushon’s strategy to provide easier access to its proprietary microarray platform and services to life science research institutions and companies across the globe.

“Aushon has successfully been selling microarray instruments and services throughout the world.” says Dr. John Austin, Executive VP and CSO of Aushon BioSystems. “These partnerships enable an even stronger global presence and the ability to provide clients with the highest levels of service and support – something which Aushon is known for.”

Aushon’s International distributors include:

BioTeltec (France, Italy and Switzerland);

Molecular Diagnostics Korea, MDxK, Inc. (Korea);

SCRUM, Inc. (Japan).

About Aushon BioSystems

Aushon BioSystems provides advanced microarray products, instruments and services for life science research, drug discovery/development and diagnostics. The Company’s proprietary 2470 Arrayer — now used in leading research centers around the world — enables researchers in the life science and pharmaceutical industries to create high quality arrays ranging from DNA to cell lysates. Aushon BioSystems is a privately held company based in Billerica, MA. For more information about Aushon BioSystems, please visit the company’s website at

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