Basetwo and Genecis Secure $4.3 Million Project to Revolutionize Life Science Manufacturing with AI-Enabled Digital Twins

TORONTO — Basetwo, in partnership with Genecis, a leading Canadian biotechnology company, is proud to announce $4.3 million in funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) to spearhead a groundbreaking project that will transform the landscape of life science manufacturing.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted several vulnerabilities in local life science manufacturing capabilities across the globe, necessitating a significant increase in domestic production capacity using next-generation technologies. At the heart of Basetwo’s and Genecis’s innovative project is the utilization of hybrid models, a cutting-edge simulation technology that fuses AI with the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry, enabling the effective modeling of complex industrial systems, such as bioreactors or distillation columns.

The shared vision for this project consists of creating AI-enabled ‘digital twins’ of bioreactor systems capable of predicting and optimizing operations at various scales in real-time, enabling model-predictive scale-up and technology transfer. The project also promises to deliver on significant environmental benefits, focusing on optimizing Genecis’ novel manufacturing processes that convert food waste into biodegradable plastics.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Genecis on this project,” said Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, CEO of Basetwo. “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to industrial manufacturers to create a more efficient, sustainable future with AI.”

“At Genecis, we are excited to join forces with Basetwo on pioneering this project. This joint effort exemplifies our shared dedication to sustainability. Together, we are poised to position Canada as a leader in next-generation manufacturing technologies,” adds CEO of Genecis, Luna Yu.

Basetwo and Genecis’s collaboration with NGen represents a significant leap forward in redefining Canada’s life science manufacturing capabilities and underscores each company’s commitment to driving both innovation and sustainability in the global market.

About Basetwo:
Basetwo is a Toronto-based software company harnessing generative AI copilots and hybrid modeling to streamline complex engineering environments, empowering engineers to make manufacturing smarter, faster, and more resilient.

About Genecis:
Genecis is a leading Canadian biotech company turning organic waste into sustainable, biodegradable materials, offering a circular economy solution for products’ beginning and end of life.

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