Simple Plex AAV assays combine industry leading AAV antibody reagents from PROGEN with convenience and simplicity of the fully automated Ella platform.

MINNEAPOLIS — Bio-Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) and PROGEN announced today the release of three new Simple Plex™ Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) viral titer assays for intact AAV capsid quantification. Featuring best-in-class AAV reagents from PROGEN—a leader in AAV antibodies, ELISAs, and controls—the new Simple Plex AAV1, AAV6, and AAV8 viral titer assays provide users with a fully automated and quantitative method of vector analysis.

Designed to meet increasing demands for fast and reproducible titration of viral particles, the new fully validated Simple Plex AAV viral titer assay kits are the latest addition to Bio-Techne’s comprehensive portfolio of ProteinSimple branded instruments, tools, and consumables for protein analysis. Bio-Techne introduced the Simple Plex AAV2 assay in co-operation with PROGEN last year, the first in its series of AAV assays for the reliable quantification of AAV capsid titers. The new Simple Plex AAV viral titer assays offer the same superior performance as the industry standard PROGEN AAV ELISAs along with the sensitivity, reproducibility, convenience and time-saving advantages inherent in the fully automated Ella immunoassay platform.

“AAV vectors remain powerful tools in gene therapy research and development,” said Will Geist, President of BioTechne’s Protein Sciences segment. “The improved range of detection achievable with our Simple Plex viral titer assays is particularly useful for AAV capsid titer assessment, as samples need fewer dilutions to meet the linear range of the assay. Ella provides a wide dynamic range and high precision, ensuring you get the high-quality data required to meet regulatory standards for AAV titration throughout bioproduction workflows.”

“We are delighted and proud to continue our partnership with BioTechne through this valuable contribution to the field of AAV gene therapy,” said Katja Betts, CEO of PROGEN “Our exclusive portfolio of serotype specific antibodies provides a great basis for various assay formats as proven anew with the successful development of the Simple Plex™ AAV viral titer assays.”

Simple Plex assays on Ella emulate a traditional sandwich ELISA format, however, everything is pre-loaded onto a microfluidic cartridge. Users simply dilute the samples and run the analyzer. Once loaded, the Ella platform performs every step of the immunoassay automatically, from wash steps to final quantification of results.

PROGEN provides an exclusive AAV antibody portfolio, including intact AAV particle specific antibodies. The AAV antibodies are also used for the analysis of AAV capsid integrity, purification and represent a suitable positive control for neutralization assays to analyze pre-existing AAV antibodies in patient sera. Due to their high affinity and specific binding to fully assembled AAV particles the PROGEN antibodies are well-established tools for AAV gene therapy R&D and quality control.

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