Genedata Screener best-of-breed screening data analysis platform now integrated with biotech infrastructure initiative from AWS
Boston, MA - Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for R&D, today announced that the Genedata Screener platform has become the first in-vitro screening data analysis platform for the new biotech infrastructure initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS will unveil its cloud-based Biotech Quick Start program in a presentation at the 2018 Bio-It World Conference. In addition to being among the featured technologies in these programs, other Genedata solutions supporting the R&D workflow will be demonstrated at the Genedata Bio-IT World Conference Booth #521 (Seaport World Trade Center; May 15-17).
Genedata Screener: On-premise or in the Cloud the Platform of Choice
Pharmaceutical R&D is continually challenged by the integration, analysis and management of all types of data coming from disparate sources ranging from experimental to operational to clinical and more. The Genedata Screener platform successfully addresses these data challenges by effectively capturing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing screening data from in-vitro screening assay technologies across and beyond the enterprise. Handling data from any screening instrument and supporting even very complex and ultra-high throughput experimental set-ups, Genedata Screener is used by the majority of leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic research institutions worldwide.
Moreover, on premise or in the cloud, Genedata Screener provides a scalable infrastructure that supports the growth of early-stage biotechs as well as meeting the industrial-grade demands of multi-site/geography enterprises. The AWS Biotech Quick Start is designed to provide an enterprise-grade research environment in the cloud, based on best practices and integrated with leading life science solutions. Emerging from an AWS collaboration with Third Rock Ventures, it aims to remove operational, logistical, and data management bottlenecks with industry-leading tools that accelerate novel drug and scientific discovery.
“Our successful relationship with Third Rock Ventures and AWS is an example of another milestone in our strategy to enable early-stage biotechs to benefit from our innovative software solutions,” noted Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “On Biotech QuickStart, innovative R&D organizations now can quickly get access to Genedata Screener and scale up the use of the software while they scale up their R&D activities. We look forward to supporting more and more organizations to do just this by easy and flexible deployment routes.”

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