Biolin Scientific Releases New Dispensers – A Core Part of All Attension Theta Optical Tensiometers

Biolin Scientific has made a significant improvement to its optical tensiometer line Theta by releasing a new disposable tip dispenser. As dispenser is a core part of all optical tensiometers, it should be reliable, accurate and versatile to accommodate all user needs. New Attension Theta dispenser has been designed with all the above in mind.

“The choice of using the disposable tips in the new dispenser was obvious since it is a preferred solution by our customers.” says Susanna Laurén, Attension Marketing Director. “Using disposable tips enable our users to change liquid fast and without a need for additional cleaning. In addition, we have addressed other important aspects such as dispensing of low surface tension liquids, small volume drops as well as high density and high viscosity liquids”.

“Designing the dispenser ourselves gave us a possibility to tailor it by having the needs of our customers in mind. In addition, we could follow our design guidelines making it a seamless part of our optical tensiometers” adds Bo Chang, Attension Technical Product Manager.

Biolin Scientific is committed to offering instruments that are easy to use and versatile to fulfil various customer needs. With the launch of new dispenser, Attension is strengthening its position as a premium optical tensiometer provider.

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