BioTek Instruments, Inc. Celebrates 40 Years

BioTek Instruments Inc. celebrates its 40th anniversary and remains the only major instrument manufacturer to exclusively focus on microplate instrumentation and software.

Incorporated May 24, 1968 by physiologist Dr. Norman Alpert, BioTek Instruments originally provided test equipment solutions for hospitals and biomedical institutions. Recognizing the increasing popularity and throughput of non-isotopic immunoassays in biomedical and life science markets, BioTek refined its focus on microplate technology with the launch of its first microplate reader in 1981.

Since that time, BioTek Instruments has become globally recognized for providing microplate technology customers with the best experience possible. This experience includes superior value, performance, functionality and quality in their products, as well as personal attention and outstanding service and support from their employees. BioTek’s promise to consistently exceed their customer’s expectations has resulted in strong growth in this specialized market.

“BioTek has been rapidly outpacing market growth rates, with a corresponding increase in reinvested profits,” notes Briar Alpert, President and CEO of BioTek Instruments. “This success has greatly strengthened our organization so that we are, now more than ever, positioned to increase the productivity and capabilities of our customers.”

An unusually high tenure of experience is identified as a principle element of the company’s longstanding success, with 63% of employees having been at the company for greater than 5 years, and a voluntary turnover rate of 1%. “Our philosophy is that business is not conducted between companies or institutions. Business is conducted between individuals,” comments Mr. Alpert. “This is the tenor of how we work every day to serve our customers better.”

The company continually invests in all departments and employees to achieve highly-skilled specialization, improved productivity, and strong communication in order to anticipate and react to customer needs and design robust product solutions.

BioTek’s newly launched Synergy™ 4 with Hybrid Technology™ is one example of their customer-driven microplate solutions, and defines a completely new class of multi-mode microplate readers. The company anticipates the release of additional microplate technology solutions to support their growth and market penetration.

BioTek Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Winooski, VT, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software. The BioTek Instruments, Inc. instrumentation is used to accelerate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of life science research.

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