Biotique Systems Launches Innovative Data Management Solution for Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms

Productivity Solution Simplifies Research Projects by Providing Researchers with Powerful, Easy-to-Use Analysis Tools That Facilitate Complex Workflows Involving Vast Amounts of Disparate Data RENO, Nev.–Biotique Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of a new research and development productivity solution that provides an enterprise-scale informatics environment for integrating, analyzing and sharing data generated by next-generation sequencing platforms. HT-BLIS (High-Throughput HT-BLIS) allows academic and commercial research organizations to process, in real time, the massive amounts of data being generated by high-throughput genomic analysis systems such as Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD™ System, Helicos’ HeliScope™ Sequencer, Illumina’s Genome Analyzer, and Roche’s Genome Sequencer FLX System. The promise of next-generation sequencing technology is to broaden the applications of genomic information in medical research and health care, reduce the cost of DNA sequencing without sacrificing quality, and enable discoveries that may revolutionize the practice of medicine. The latest genomic analysis technologies generate millions of sequences with billions of bases per day. While this capability offers unprecedented resolution and speed to gene expression, sequencing, and genotyping projects, the huge data volumes overwhelm existing informatics infrastructures. HT-BLIS addresses this challenge by providing a scalable informatics solution that is capable of receiving, storing, and manipulating massive amounts of data in real time as it is generated by banks of next-generation sequencers. “Biotique is committed to providing researchers with the informatics tools necessary to manage the vast amount of data being generated by the next generation of sequencing platforms,” said John Burke, Biotique Systems’ President and CSO. “HT-BLIS is currently being used by customers to handle the billions of bases per day generated by these high-throughput genomic analysis platforms. With the ability to scale data sizes into the multiple terabytes, we expect that HT-BLIS will prove to be a cost-effective solution for analyzing and delivering meaningful scientific results from next-generation genomic analysis projects.” For more information about the HT-BLIS solution please visit About Biotique Systems, Inc. Biotique Systems is a privately held company that helps pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotechnology companies increase productivity by providing customizable, enterprise-wide solutions for integrating, analyzing and sharing knowledge assets. By bringing together people, projects, disparate data sources and workflow applications, Biotique Systems is helping leading companies such as Bayer-Schering Pharma, Monsanto and Affymetrix integrate information from discovery programs across disparate research disciplines and geographic locations to facilitate innovation and discovery. Biotique Systems is the premier provider of knowledge management and integration solutions that focus on leveraging biological data and Genomics to increase the productivity of drug, seed and crop development. For more information about Biotique Systems, call 775-787-9900, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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