BioTools and Liverpool ChiroChem announce a collaboration aimed at accelerating the discovery of novel, stereo-defined, enantioenriched compounds.

Florida, USA –  BioTools, provider of instrumentation and analytical services for structure elucidation of biologics and chiral molecules for drug discovery, and Liverpool ChiroChem (LCC), a chemical technology innovator that produces thousands of novel, multifunctional 3D fragments/scaffolds/building blocks to support new chiral entities (NCE) discovery & development, announce a collaboration to determine the absolute configuration of LCC’s proprietary chirally-pure compounds.
LCC is a leading, international, chemical technology innovator, established in Liverpool, UK in 2014. Since then, LCC has continuously expanded its 3D chemical space, with an expansive library of (N-) heterocyclic small molecules for applications in Fragment-Based Lead Design (FBLD), DNA-encoded Libraries (DEL) and PROTAC’s. The company has developed a suite of synthetic methodologies over the years, that will be used to support ongoing projects and the recently released 3DiscoveryTM Virtual Library, which has been designed based on LCC’s proprietary scaffolds.
Determination of the absolute configuration of chiral small molecules is imperative to the design of high-quality drugs, that require highly pure, single enantiomers. BioTools uses VCD to determine the absolute configuration of chiral small molecules which has been proven to be a highly reliable alternative to classical X-Ray crystallography. VCD does not require a single crystal, unlike crystallography, and only needs a very low quantity of material (5-10mg) that can be easily recovered. VCD has been published as a standard method in the US Pharmacopeia, Chapters 782 and 1782, and close to 10,000 absolute configurations have now been determined with VCD.
By collaborating with BioTools, LCC has access to state-of-the-art VCD, allowing reliable results that can be submitted to regulatory agencies, patent protection, publications, and internal results. As the two companies progress with VCD determinations of the catalogue compounds, the LCC’s CoAs (Certificate of Analysis) will now feature Absolute Configuration by VCD.
By combining forces, BioTools and LCC bring together expertise in both small molecule synthesis and analytical techniques.
“Decades of applied expertise have made BioTools pioneers in the commercialisation of VCD technology. We are delighted that two chiral-focussed SME’s have combined forces to make chiral small molecules widely available to the life science R&D community with dependable enantiomeric identity and purity.” – LCC, CEO & Co-Founder, Dr Paul Colbon
“Liverpool ChiroChem will be the first company to incorporate VCD as proof of absolute configuration in its CoA’s – a true testament to the acceptance of VCD by organic and medicinal chemists. LCC is an ideal company to partner with as we not only share a love for chirality but the importance of providing customers with state-of-the-art technologies to expedite the process of drug research & development’. – BioTools, President & Co-Founder, Dr. Rina Dukor

About BioTools

BioTools is the recognized leader in advanced chiroptical instrumentation, software, and services. They provide solutions for critical molecular structure characterization, from basic research to finished products, for biopharmaceutical and chiral drug research in both academia and pharma. Founded in 2000, BioTools has R&D, sales, customer support, contract research lab and manufacturing facilities in Jupiter, Florida, and two divisions, BioTools Europe, headquartered in the United Kingdom and BioTools China. Additionally, they enjoy a partnership with Ghent University and the University of Antwerp in the commissioned European Centre for Chirality (EC2). BioTools’ co-founders and products have both been recognized by numerous International Awards.

About Liverpool ChiroChem

Liverpool ChiroChem is an international, chemical technology innovator, on a mission to accelerate the discovery and development of high-quality drugs. LCC was established in Liverpool, United Kingdom, in June 2014. The company has developed a suite of synthetic methodologies that have been used to produce thousands of novel, multifunctional 3D fragments/scaffolds/BB’s to support NCE discovery & development (e.g. FBLD, DEL, VLS, PROTACs). LCC is continuously expanding its 3D chemical space and has recently developed its 3DiscoveryTM Virtual Library, designed based on its proprietary scaffolds and supported by a Parallel Synthesis Laboratory.

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