OpenArray Platform Enables Faster Screening for Accurate Identification of Rare Donor Blood Types

BioTrove Inc. and BloodCenter of Wisconsin today announced a collaboration to develop single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping as a screening tool for the identification of potentially better-matched blood for transfusion. Using the BioTrove OpenArray™ system to conduct red blood cell genotyping more quickly and at less expense, BloodCenter of Wisconsin will now be able to stratify blood donors based on genotypic characteristics, improving the speed and accuracy of blood transfusions for patients in need.

“The need for blood is constant – and for those patients with rare blood types, finding a match can be extremely difficult,” said Brad Pietz, MS, director of product development, Diagnostic Laboratories, Blood Center of Wisconsin. “BloodCenter of Wisconsin is the only supplier of blood and blood products to over 50 hospitals around the state of Wisconsin. This partnership with BioTrove allows BloodCenter of Wisconsin to develop a pilot study which could potentially change the way blood is typed for the best patient match.”

Though “blood type” is most often understood to mean the A, B or O classification, in fact, there are many other antigens located on the outer surface of the red blood cell. Combinations of these blood group antigens vary between individuals even within the same blood type. Depending on the specificity of the antibody(-ies) in the recipient’s blood and the prevalence of antigens in the donor population, the task of locating appropriate donors can be challenging.

“BioTrove is built around the idea that research-enabling technology can impact multiple life science and public health efforts,” said Al Luderer, Ph.D., President and CEO, BioTrove. “Applying our OpenArray SNP genotyping platform toward the stratification of blood donors, and thereby helping the BloodCenter quickly identify rare blood type donors and prevent adverse events for transfusions, is an exciting and rewarding endeavor for us.”

SNP genotyping, the most widely adopted method in molecular biology for detecting and measuring DNA, has become an increasingly important means of identifying biologically significant genetic variations. The BioTrove OpenArray SNP genotyping platform, based on through-hole nanoliter fluidics technology, allows scientists to conduct up to 3,072 independent PCR analyses simultaneously on a thin metal plate the size of a microscope slide, expanding the capabilities of PCR.

The research conducted by BloodCenter of Wisconsin combines BioTrove OpenArray technology with proven chemistries from Applied Biosystems, Inc. The collaboration between BioTrove and Applied Biosystems was established in November 2007, based on a shared commitment to advancing life sciences research.

About Blood Center of Wisconsin

BloodCenter of Wisconsin is a multi-faceted, world-renowned organization focused on blood collection, disease testing, treatment and research. BloodCenter of Wisconsin is the only provide of blood to over 50 hospitals including every community hospital in southeastern Wisconsin.

Diagnostic Laboratories develop and perform highly specialized tests on patient samples from throughout the United States and the world. The highly specialized testing and expert medical consultation provided by the Diagnostic Laboratories benefit patients in need of bone marrow or organ transplants, patients with bleeding and clotting disorders and patients with immunologic, neoplastic, or genetic diseases. Customers rely on the services offered by BloodCenter’s Diagnostic Laboratories for expert assistance in solving complicated clinical issues.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin advances patient care by delivering life-saving solutions grounded in unparalleled medical and scientific expertise.

About BioTrove, Inc.

BioTrove, Inc. offers two innovative technology platforms: OpenArray™, which advances genomic research in a wide range of life science fields, including agriculture, disease research, and public health, and RapidFire™, which enables the acceleration of drug discovery and pipeline decisions. With 11 of the 15 largest biopharmaceutical companies based on global sales as clients, and partnerships with prestigious research and public health centers around the world, BioTrove’s products and services ensure that an industry committed to accuracy and speed can meet business goals.

The OpenArray™ Platform enables genomics researchers to generate SNP and real time qPCR data in the hundreds of thousands of data points per day, significantly increasing the number of samples analyzed while significantly decreasing the time and cost required. The flexible format and nanoliter scale of the OpenArray™ system allows for easy adjustment of sample and assay numbers, achieving economical, high-throughput genomics.

RapidFire™ Mass Spectrometry (RFMS) feeds samples directly to the mass spectrometer at six to eight seconds per sample, eliminating the bottleneck created by traditional mass spectrometry throughput. RFMS is routinely used in many applications including the high-throughput screening of previously intractable drug targets, ADME assays and directed evolution studies.

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