Bruker Daltonics Introduces maXis(TM), a Revolutionary New Ultra-High Resolution TOF Mass Spectrometer at ASMS Conference

The maXis redefines high speed, ultra high resolution mass spectrometry

DENVER–At ASMS 2008, Bruker Daltonics today announced the maXis™, a revolutionary new Electrospray Ultra-High Resolution tandem TOF (UHR-Qq-TOF) mass spectrometer. The novel maXis demonstrates Bruker’s leadership in the design of cutting-edge mass spectrometers to meet future requirements in applications including small molecule identification, metabolomics, quantitative proteomics, as well as biomarker discovery and validation.

The maXis is unique in offering simultaneous no-compromise ultra-high resolution of 40,000 – 60,000 FWHM over a broad mass range, MS and MS/MS mass accuracy typically between 600 and 800 ppb, and all at speeds of up to 20 full spectra per second. With its unprecedented performance combination, the maXis offers:

20 Hz full spectra acquisition at ultra-high mass resolution for high-speed liquid chromatography

40,000 – 60,000 resolution in both MS and MS/MS mode over a broad mass range

excellent high m/z mass range

novel IonCooler™ technology delivers excellent MS/MS sensitivity over a broad m/z range

high dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude for trace detection in complex mixtures

sub-ppm mass accuracy in both MS and MS/MS mode for high confidence IDs

uncompromised MS sensitivity for discovery applications

SmartFormula™ 3D unambiguous determination of molecular sum formulae for molecules up to 1 kDalton;

“Now ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry over broad mass ranges is finally compatible with ultra performance liquid chromatography,” explained Bruker Daltonics Executive Vice President Dr. Ian Sanders. “Our new maXis indeed represents a major step forward in tandem mass spectrometry, offering a no-compromise solution for exceptional accurate mass, ultra-high resolution over a broad mass range and high sensitivity MS and MS/MS analysis at a speed able to take full advantage of modern, fast liquid chromatography or fast capillary electrophoresis separations.”

Dr. Richard Joyce, Structural Elucidation Scientist at Pfizer (UK), commented: “It is vital to us to solve real-life identification problems in a dramatically reduced time: our joint development of SmartFormula 3D applied at maXis performance levels meets our goal of a one-shot Molecular Formula Machine.”

At the Bruker Daltonics Users Forum on Sunday, June 1st, a prestigious panel of researchers made presentations detailing a series of innovative applications utilizing various Bruker Daltonics instruments, including the maXis. On Monday, June 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. there will also be a special champagne reception in the Bruker Hospitality Suite at the Sheraton Denver Hotel for the introduction of the maxis (no registration required).

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