Cellular Origins partners with ScaleReady to simplify, standardise, and automate cell therapy manufacturing

  • Partnership aims to integrate ScaleReady’s CGT manufacturing workflow with Cellular Origins’ robotic technology
  • Initially focussed on automation of ScaleReady’s G-Rex platform

Cambridge, UK, and St. Paul, MN, USA: Cellular Origins, a TTP Company focused on enabling scalable, cost-effective and efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies (CGTs), has today announced a collaborative partnership with ScaleReady, a joint venture between Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf that brings together process development expertise, tools and technologies for scalable CGT manufacturing. The partnership aims to automate portions of ScaleReady’s CGT manufacturing workflow by using Cellular Origin’s robotic system for sterile liquid transfer.

As the CGT industry continues to demonstrate huge potential for the treatment of disease, including cancer, scalable and cost-effective CGT manufacturing has become essential. ScaleReady believes simplicity and repeatability are the key to practical scale out of CGT manufacturing, and the integration of Cellular Origins’ robotic system will advance that objective. One area for improvement is the industry’s reliance on labour to facilitate sterile interconnections, which creates complexities and introduces risk of error.

Cellular Origins’ and ScaleReady’s first project will be to standardise and automate interconnections between the modules of ScaleReady’s G-Rex®, a manufacturing platform used by therapy developers internationally to produce CGTs for clinical trials, including the most recently approved commercial therapies. This integration of Cellular Origins’ robotic system will eliminate variability in manual connection techniques. Further projects will automate additional components of ScaleReady’s workflow, such as the robotic movement of G-Rex into and out of incubators.

Dr Edwin Stone, CEO of Cellular Origins, commented: “ScaleReady’s technologies are widely adopted in the production of advanced, cell-based therapies. This collaboration demonstrates the adaptability of our robotic system, highlighting that it can be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows and allowing therapy developers access to scalable, cost-effective advanced therapy manufacture without significant process redevelopment.”

Josh Ludwig, Commercial Director at ScaleReady, said: “Our partnership with Cellular Origins is an important step towards ScaleReady’s mission to simplify and standardise CGT manufacture. Solving the liquid handling problem and proving how amenable a simple, modular, and scalable approach is to automation allows the field to see a path forward to economies of scale. Through this partnership, we plan to create a viable pathway using cell therapies for larger patient indications and front-line treatments by enabling therapy developers to implement automation when it makes the most sense, and when their products require it.”

Cellular Origins and ScaleReady will both be participating in the International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) Annual Meeting, 31 May – 3 June in Paris. Cellular Origins and ScaleReady will be exhibiting at Booth #4 and Booth #84, respectively, including live technology demonstrations.

About Cellular Origins www.cellularorigins.com

Cellular Origins, a TTP Company, is focused on enabling scalable, cost-effective and efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies.

Despite the incredible potential for cell and gene therapies in the treatment of disease, emerging therapies are inaccessible to patients due to insufficient expertise and manufacturing capability for affordable production. With an increasing number of approved cell and gene therapies currently reaching the market, the disconnect between innovative therapies and manufacturing capabilities has led to an urgent need for solutions that provide large-scale access to cost-effective, next-generation therapeutics.

Created to provide therapeutic developers access to the equipment they want, at the scale they need, Cellular Origins’ proprietary technology provides a transformative solution for automated, sterile, fluidic interconnection, to enable cell and gene therapy manufacturing at scale. Cellular Origins technology has been carefully designed to integrate into existing workflows, alleviating the need for process redevelopment, without constraining process innovation.

TTP has more than 30 years’ experience in supporting the world’s most innovative and ambitious organisations develop new tools and technologies, from creating the first highly scaled out roller bottle manufacturing platform for Amgen to creating new bioprocess tools companies such as TAP Biosystems. Bringing together expertise from across the life science, engineering, and robotics industries, Cellular Origins is focused on enabling developers to accelerate their therapeutics to market.

To find out more about Cellular Origins and its innovative cell therapy manufacture solutions, please visit https://cellularorigins.com/. Follow Cellular Origins on Twitter (@CellularOrigins) and LinkedIn (@CellularOrigins).

About ScaleReady www.scaleready.com/

ScaleReady is bringing the future of cell and gene therapies to life with the most powerful and versatile manufacturing platform in the industry. ScaleReady delivers rapid expansion of T-cells at scale—reducing complexity and cost, while providing superior repeatability and cell quality. Founded in 2020, ScaleReady is a joint venture partnership between Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf that brings together process development expertise along with tools and technologies for cell culture, non-viral gene editing and automated cell processing from each founding partner. Follow ScaleReady on LinkedIn (@ScaleReady)

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