Cerno Bioscience Unveils New Suite of Mass Spectrometry Software Solutions

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Cerno Bioscience will unveil a new suite of vendor-neutral mass spectrometry software solutions at ASMS booth #229, June 2-6, 2024, Anaheim, California. SAMMI™ (for Spectrally Accurate Modeling of Multiply charged Ions), an entirely new approach for analyzing any large molecule, including peptides, oligos, and proteins, the new GC/ID™ Version 5.0 software for GC/MS, which Accelerates Unknown Compound Identification and the latest version of its award-winning MassWorks™ Version 7.0 mass spectrometry research grade software.

Cerno will showcase SAMMI, a revolutionary new tool for large-molecule analysis that provides a 30X improvement in large-molecule characterization. SAMMI can confirm sequences/formulas, including multiple modifications and isotope labels, regardless of the molecule size. Users can expect 10-50X improvements in mass accuracy on single or triple quadrupole instruments.

GC/ID is a fully automated and vendor-agnostic software to achieve the most comprehensive identification beyond GC/MS Library Search, a powerful market-first solution. GC/ID accelerates the unknown ID workflow and dramatically improves the confidence of results. Featuring many innovative technologies, including patented “Full Spectrum” deconvolution and a powerful “Composite Scoring” system combining Library Search, Retention Index, and Accurate Mass (on quadrupoles). This provides for more accurate and confident unknown identification over solutions relying solely on Library Search scores.

MassWorks 7.0 is an easy-to-use post-acquisition software solution to achieve high mass accuracy and high spectral accuracy. This research-grade software provides the most advanced tools for unknown formula ID on both low and high-resolution MS instruments. Users can expect high mass accuracy on quadrupole GC or LC/MS (up to 0.005Da) and improved spectral accuracy on all systems up to 99.9%. MassWorks provides direct and accurate analysis of unresolved mixtures, e.g., isotope labeling and biologics modifications.  

Cerno will give two ASMS poster presentations. on Wednesday, June 5th, in partnership with Agilent Technologies, “Accurate mass spectral deconvolution of multiply-charged oligonucleotides using unit resolution single quadrupole LC/MS.” Followed by Thursday, June 6th, “Reducing the Pain Point of GC Retention Index Calibration for Enhanced GC/MS Compound Identification”.

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About Cerno Bioscience

For over 20 years, our passion has been developing advanced mass spectrometry software technology to dramatically improve the accuracy of MS data.  Our patented and proprietary technologies enable our customers to accelerate their workflows and reduce costs while providing more confident answers.

For the first time, we can now accurately correct the MS signal to enable new solutions for more confident analysis of both small and large molecules.  The analysis of complex mixtures such as labeled isotopes, large molecule adducts, and various modifications are easily and confidently unraveled and quantified.  The technology applies to all MS instrumentation, from routine benchtops to state-of-the-art high-resolution instruments.

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