ChromaCode Unveils ChromaCode Cloud 6.1, Showcasing Remarkable Strides in Software Innovation, Quality, and Security

CARLSBAD, Calif. — ChromaCode, Inc., a pioneering genomics multiplexing platform company developing accessible and affordable laboratory-based solutions, today announced the release of ChromaCode Cloud 6.1, a major upgrade to its comprehensive analysis platform. This release marks significant progress in the development of ChromaCode’s software, ensuring accessibility, affordability, and security in laboratory-based diagnostic solutions.

ChromaCode Cloud is an advanced analysis platform supporting real-time and digital PCR assays. The software empowers users to optimize analysis configurations seamlessly, with the cloud-based framework eliminating the need for local hardware or software installation. Chief R&D Officer Paul Flook explained “laboratories employing our technology will be able to deploy assays rapidly, enhancing their ability to provide genomic analysis solutions across different application areas. ChromaCode has been working to leverage its software to accelerate operationalization of tests and this release is a major step forward in this respect.”

Key Features of ChromaCode Cloud 6.1:

  • Extended Instrument Support: The new version adds support for additional instruments, ensuring compatibility with all major digital PCR platforms.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Several new features facilitate collaborative data analyses. The introduction of a data feed interface allows users to preview and process uploaded files, while a new data explorer interface enables batch processing of assay data.
  • Optimized for HDPCR NSCLC RUO Assay: ChromaCode Cloud 6.1 strengthens laboratories’ ability to deploy the HDPCR NSCLC RUO assay, a tumor profiling panel released earlier this year. This assay enables analysis of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples, identifying a comprehensive set of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommended markers.
  • Stringent Regulatory Compliance: ChromaCode Cloud has achieved HITRUST Implemented, i1 certification again this year, reaffirming its commitment to data security. The software remains HIPAA and GDPR compliant, in addition to being ISO-13485 certified, ensuring robust privacy controls for clinical settings.

“ChromaCode Cloud 6.1 represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to enhancing the performance of all aspects of our cutting-edge genomics solutions. The new features and expanded capabilities underscore our dedication to improving customer experience and advancing scientific research and diagnostics worldwide,” said Mark McDonough, CEO of ChromaCode.

About ChromaCode 

ChromaCode is an innovator in genomics multiplexing platform technology, providing laboratory solutions with its proven HDPCR technology. HDPCR is a revolutionary approach allowing for deep multiplexing of biomarkers in a single, rapid, cost-effective assay for multiple sample types on standard laboratory dPCR platforms. This adaptable technology, deployed with ChromaCode’s cloud-based analysis, enables laboratories worldwide to affordably conduct testing internally and produce high quality results with demonstrated high concordance with next generation sequencing (NGS) based testing, increasing accessibility of diagnostics with a cost effective and scalable solution. For more information visit or find us on LinkedIn and X.

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