Cohesive Technologies Inc. Announces Collaborative Agreement with Major Clinical Center

FRANKLIN, Mass.– Cohesive Technologies Inc.

( announced that it has entered into a

collaborative agreement with Mayo Clinic to increase patient sample

throughput and improve data quality using Cohesive’s proprietary turbulent

flow chromatography (TurboFlow(R) technology) systems for clinical assays

using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS).

The collaboration has been established to accelerate the development of clinical assays in such areas as endrocrinology, toxicology, drug

monitoring, and neonatal screening. As part of the collaboration, the

companies will share in the development of new TurboFlow and mass

spectrometry methods in order to improve the quality and efficiency in

diagnostics for adults, children, and newborns. These methods will be based on Mayo Clinic’s goals for throughput and the potential impact to patients.

While tandem mass spectrometry is being widely adopted in clinical

diagnostics to drive down false positives and improve limits of detection,

these labs struggle with the lengthy sample preparation required and high

capital costs associated with tandem mass spectrometry. Cohesive’s systems

have been adopted because they address these sample preparation bottlenecks and also reduce capital requirements, thus making MS/MS more economically feasible for the diagnostic marketplace.

Cohesive Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets novel liquid chromatography systems and chemistries for the pharmaceutical,

biotechnology, and clinical diagnostic marketplace.

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