Customer focus and product development leads to substantial revenue growth and continued profitability for IDBS in 2007

Guildford, UK, April 1st 2008 – IDBS, provider of data management, analysis and decision support software, is proud to report double-digit revenue growth and profitability for 2007 despite increasingly challenging market conditions. Sales revenues have increased by almost 50% since 2005, on the back of major developments to core product lines such as the ActivityBase Suite. Much of the revenue also coming from existing customers who have invested in new technologies such as the E-WorkBook Suite, with a consistently high level of renewals and substantial market expansion to new customers.

“The excellent sales performance over the past few years reflects the innovations we have made in the management of discovery data,” commented Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS. “Innovation, supported by a proven ability to deliver and perform according to customer expectations, has made IDBS a trusted partner to an increasing number of, not only pharmaceutical companies, but also other companies who realize the value we can deliver.”

IDBS’ sustained financial growth has enabled continued investment in both customer support and development. IDBS has complemented its existing consultancy function with more dedicated chemistry and biology specialists in both the EU and US. Investment in software development has resulted in major new product features and expansions to our product line.

Neil Kipling added: “I am delighted at our financial success and am confident this will continue, as long as we continue to deliver first-class products and services. Many other informatics providers are failing because they have become too preoccupied with the balance sheet and have forgotten about the customer. Being customer-focused has brought IDBS growth and given us a reputation as the leading supplier of data management solutions to pharmaceutical and beyond. This is a reputation we are extremely proud of and determined to protect.”

About IDBS:

IDBS is a leading provider of integrated software solutions to the life sciences industry. Maximising the value of research data by enabling organisations to capture, store, share and use data efficiently and effectively, whilst protecting intellectual property across the spectrum of discovery activities.

Headquartered in Guildford, UK, IDBS has U.S. offices in California, New Jersey and Massachusetts. IDBS partners with CTC Laboratory Systems in Japan and a network of distributors to market IDBS products and services in Asia. Founded in 1989, IDBS employs more than 150 people worldwide.

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